2020 Numerology Reading

Receive a Numerology Reading for 2020 with Bonnie. You will learn your Life Path and the two numbers that coincide with it. You will also learn your Destiny and Power Name numbers and your personal year numbers. When you put all of these numbers together, it give you a great picture of what to expect this year and how your personality can navigate it optimally. Additional number questions you can ask: What is the best name for my business based on the numbers? What is the best address for me based on my numbers?


Angel Hands Healing

Find relief from stress, anxiety and/or low mood. Relax on the massage table in our healing room listen to and music chosen by a certified music therapist while you feel the effects of reiki, shamanic healing, and essential oils. Reiki and shamanic healing are sent through the hands of the giver by hovering the hands over the body. The hands do not need to actually touch. The receiver can wear comfortable clothes the whole time. After an initial consultation, the therapist chooses appropriate music and oils for the diffuser, in addition to offering them for hands and feet. (Actual application on the skin is not necessary, however.) Healing session lasts 50 minutes.


Energy Alignment Raindrop Treatment

This treatment combines a unique blend of massage and energy approaches with pure essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience. The technique combines Raindrop Therapy with Energetic Alignment Bodywork practices. These two well know techniques were created by Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils and Richard Porter of Healing Gateways. John, certified through Healing gateways, combines these two fine modalities and gives a nurturing treatment providing harmony physically, mentally and emotionally. The essential oils are dropped on the spine after a light coating of massage oils. Each essential oil may be selected by you to target specific needs. John can also select the oils as well to add to a full relaxing back massage. Each oil applied has a specific series of strokes to penetrate through your spine. You will experience a full back massage to include your shoulders and neck. There are seven oils selected specifically to your needs.

Integrated Sound Therapy

Sound healing with Donnie.


Private Yoga Instruction

90 minute private yoga session catered to your own health and wellness goals. Options to include Renew Body Sequence and/or essential oils.