HEAL THE WHOLE: Workshop with Shannon Algeo

HEAL THE WHOLE: Tools + Practices for Radical Transformation and Lasting Peace


Saturday April 27

2:30pm ~ 2 hours 

What role does our personal healing play in the collective healing of humanity?

We live in a time where we are being called to awaken to our personal power--to be agents of change and peace. As we see in our world, tensions are rising so that we can confront and heal past trauma, which has been building beneath the surface of our individual and collective awareness.

Each of us plays a unique part in this healing process, and this workshop is an exploration of how YOU can step into your power as a peacemaker + healer in your family, work, and community.

In this intensive workshop, you’ll learn...

  • Tools to ground and anchor the body as a vessel for peace--despite surrounding conflict

  • How to build better boundaries that protect your energy and allow you to show up more powerfully in the world

  • Opportunities to go deeper on your own healing path

  • Breathing techniques for tense moments

  • Skills to listen amidst conflict

  • The impact of consciously setting intentions throughout your day

  • The power of humility and prayer as tools to enhance your impact

  • Practical skills to step into zones of conflict with grace, awareness, and curiosity.

  • How community is medicine.

Join Shannon for a transformative, fun, and meaningful workshop that will leave you ready to step into the world in a whole, new way!

April 27, 2019
Time: 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM
New Studio
255 A Main St.
Webster, MA 01570 us
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Spaces Left: 14 Capacity: 17
Event Price: $29.00